The Audacity of Hope: Session Two

I couldn’t think of a better person to bring the message in Session 2.

Nancy has always been about brining hope to people through the arts. I first met Nancy over 20 years ago. Her creativity and her character have helped shaped who I am. She helped me uncover my gifts and gave me opportunities to express who God has created me to be. It is my hope that everyone has a Nancy in their lives.

Check out Nancy’s video where she previews what she’ll be talking about. Also, check out her responses to some questions we asked her last week.

Nancy mentions who she would have coffee with if she could. How about you? Who would you grab a cup of coffee with if you just had the chance?

Books: What are you reading?
Chasing Francis, by Ian Morgan Cron
Integrity, by Dr. Henry Cloud
Same Kind of Different As Me, Ron Hall and Denver Moore

Movies, TV or DVD’s: What are you watching? Or What do you recommend?
Movies: Blood Diamond, Amazing Grace, Waitress
TV: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Heroes, House

People: Who would you like to have a cup of coffee with?
My husband!, Steven Spielberg, Carly Fiorina, Dr. Billy Graham, Frederick Buechner, Meryl Streep, Aaron Sorkin, Christine Ebersol. My close friends who have moved away – John Ortberg, Doug Veenstra, Sue Miller, and Nancy OrtbergOk, I’ll stop now, but the list is endless!

What is one thing you would say to artists and leaders who are just starting out?
Pay as much attention to your soul and your character as to the work you do…and remember that it’s a very long race and you want to Finish Well!

What is one thing you would say to artists and leaders who have been involved in ministry a long time?
Let’s not grow weary in doing good! Keep asking yourself if you’re still having fun and a joyful spirit. If not, pay attention before you do something stupid and disqualify yourself. It just might be time for a little break, for lots of solitude and reflection, and for re-inventing yourself under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. That’s scary, but when you get to the other side of it, the transition can be glorious…

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