Backstage with Donald Miller

Part One

Part Two

Looking back, I think Session 4 was spectacular. I think we all appreciated Helena & Jay sharing their story & the journey they have been on for the last few years. It was a gift to then worship & pray together.

It was also great for me personally to put a face & a voice with the words I have read in Donald Miller's books. I appreciated what he had to say. If you & I am sure you were like me & would have liked more time to talk with him.

We asked him to come down to the video suite & answer a few of the questions people asked in the comments.

Hear what Donald had to say and then let us know what you think? What issues are you wrestling with as you try to make the art of the gospel real in your church.

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Keri said...

The idea of the Bible's right brain mode of communicating through story and metaphor deeply resonates with me. As an artist I am drawn to narrative language and I often use metaphor to express ideas. Upon processing Donald's lecture I began to remember a moment in coming of age at my childhood church. At 8 years old, I graduated from the children's church to the Big People's church. It was a big loss for me. Gone were the bible stories told by my sweet Sunday School teacher, Viola Mae. Gone was the experience of sitting at her feet watching old testament stories unfold on the flannel graph. I now realize that my pastor's sermons were structured in a left brain mode. I was lost when it came to how I could absorb ideas delivered to me from the pulpit. As I grew and developed into a woman it became easier for me to absorb from this style of teaching. My heart (or my amygdala) though will always be drawn to stories. I know that something fantastic happens when seemingly intangible concepts are communicated through a good narrative. I would like to get a bigger picture as to how the Bible communicates both to our right brain and to our left brain. Any thoughts? Should I say, any stories?