Checked out the Hope Canvases?

In just two days, you have made amazing progress on the Hope Canvases! They all look just beautiful while each having their own unique expression. What color and encouragement they will bring to the ministry partners who will receive them. There are still some white spaces, so check them out and add your piece to the painting.

For those of you who have already left your mark, tell us what you painted and why? How did you choose the canvas you were going to paint on?


Kathleen Sullivan Isacson said...

Hey - no comments yet??
I was one of the volunteers during the breaks who stayed with the paintings and found that people were more likely to contribute to the pieces if they watched me (or someone else) paint first, then were offered the paints & brush personally. (almost relay race style) Many people simply loved to watch others contribute (which led to some great brainstorming sessions on interactive ways to use visual arts in a church setting) and I noticed that people returned again and again to see the paintings complete themselves like a good novel.
The first thing I contributed to the hope canvas project was a figure inspired by Bill's Easter talk referencing the recent Amish tragedy and how the community acted with al encompassing compassion.
Overall, I talked to many who were simply inspired by the idea of Hope Canvases - these were people who wanted to incorporate more visual art into their church's life & ministry but lacked the concrete vision to act it out.

Marcie said...

I am surprised that you haven't had more comments on this topic. I was too timid to paint something but kept returning over and over again to watch the transformation. I was inspired by the very idea of the Hope Canvases but was even more inspired to watch them evolve into incredible montages of hope filled words and images. The whole experience inspired hope in me and tied in so beautifully with the theme of the conference. Thank-you to all of the visual artists!

Bri' said...

I am one of the persons pictured in the photograph on the blog. I had walked by the paintings several times and observed. But I walked by one time and saw the young lady painting the figure (which I considered to be Jesus with its arms outstretched) and it intrigued me. It seems to say to me "come all ye who are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

I then stopped and decided to paint even though I do not consider myself artistic in that way. I painted some flowers, that's what I doodle all the time. Flowers represent to me one of the many beauties God has placed on the earth and so I wanted to add my touch of beauty to the canvass. I am excited over the many emotions used in creating the canvasses and what emotions they will evoke from the recipients.

I am glad I got a chance to be something larger than me.