Good Morning Everyone!

Hard to believe it’s Friday already…our last day together! It sure has gone by fast! The good news is, now that we have the Arts Movement blog, our conversation can keep right on going. This is a space where we can continue to dialogue about all of the blessings and challenges that come with our unique calling.

So, keep coming back…especially to see the videos that will continue to be posted and to participate in great discussions.

How did your night go….with so many people filling thier creative tanks at Blue Man, Wicked, & the Film Festival I’m curious to know what was your greatest inspiriation last night? Was your night all that you expected? What did it inspire you to want to bring back to your church?

Also, as we head into our last day together, what’s on your mind? What things impacted you the most during the conference? What did God do in you over the last 2 ½ days?


Sean McDermott said...

We had a great night last night...
We went the cheap route and hung out downtown at Millennium Park and the Pier. It was great to have no plans and just walk and talk about where we are at as a team and where we want to see things go.

It has been a great experience so far and I am looking forward to listening Erwin and Donald speak.

Well it looks like we are getting started.

Mark said...

Thanks for the very theme of the conference.

As a pastor, it has been so refreshing to be here focusing on good, on God's image and thumbprint in this world.

It's been a wonderful time of learning and rearming.