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Shana Horton said...

This Point Leader Track was incredibly value. Not only were the sessions amazing, but the food was out of this world. Thank you for providing an experience with enough time to actually find answers to a lot of tough questions.

Chris Vacher said...

It's funny how food is always a huge part of any conference experience :)

Although I originally thought that I'd have a tough time staying locked in for two three-hour session today, I was surprised to be saying to myself that I wish both sessions I was a part of could have lasted a full day each.

Both presenters had to skip large chunks of their handouts and rush through some sections. Whether this was from a desire to give more teaching on paper for us to process later or just using material that is designed for longer sessions, I'm not sure.

A couple of us were saying that perhaps the PL track could start Wednesday afternoon (in place of a third large group session) and then continue all day Thursday.

If the PL track is offered again next year, I will definitely register.

Jada A. Swanson said...

I totally enjoyed the Point Leader Track. I would have loved to have been in Nancy's 'Behind Closed Doors' the entire time. It was by far the most beneficial session of any conference I have ever attended. Not just because of what she brings to the table in authenticity and experience, but in how as a group we were able to genuinely share with one another, make contacts and really get into great conversations about what we each are dealing with in our various ministry positions.

I really enjoyed John Townsend's as well. Can listen to him for days. Is as enjoyable to listen to in person as he is on his radio show and his expertise in his field is incredible, specifically in how he can relate it to so many areas, namely arts leaders/ministry.

Thanks so much. Next year, it would be wonderful to have Nancy and perhaps Sally lead an intensive for women in ministry. I know both of these ladies would have a lot not on spiritually/theologically to share, but also practically with all of the relational demands that women, specifically, face with all the various hats we wear.

Thanks for a superb conference!!!!