Your Response to Session 1?

Although I'm on staff here at Willow, I'm getting to experience today as an attender....and it's awesome--two great artists in Session 1! Crowder's lyrics cut right to my heart, while his complete genuineness totally disarms me and opens me up to worship.

I got to hear Dewitt Jones when he was here the last time, and his talk today still "filled my cup"! I'm looking at my stack of emails this morning in a whole new light. I'm part of an amazing team of artists that, probably a lot like you, struggle to keep up with the various demands and projects that come our, it was good to be reminded to live in the moment.

So what’s your reaction? How did Dewitt’s session affect you? Are there things you are wrestling with or still processing?

Here are some links from Session 1 we thought may be helpful to you.

John Muir info

John Muir Exhibit

Sierra Club Info

National Geographic

Two Tramps in Mud Time by Robert Frost


Blog Administrator said...

Jeremy McKenzie said...I don't think I've ever her someone speak and create such a wonderful piece of art like Dewitt did. I'm still pondering about how to shine a new light in my life. Awesome. Just awesome.

jacob said...

I though that Dewitt was an amazing motivational speaker. I was upset that there was so much emphasis on filling your cup with what we love rather then letting God fill our cups. I understand that God creates those loves in us and that we should chase after them but I would like to hope that I would chase after God to fill my cup and that the art that I love would just be a gift back to him from the overflowing cup that He is pouring into. Just my thoughts.