Your Response to Session 2?

Smokin’ music at the top of Session 2! Whether that’s the style of music loaded on your iPod or not, it’s inspiring to see people using their gifts with wild abandon and loving it.

What's great about the next few days is that you'll experience a whole range of musical styles, like the worship at the end of the session. (Tip: don't miss Friday morning for some significant soul moments with Jay and Helena.)

The kind of stuff Nance was going after this morning is what fires me up: wrestling with the reality of hope and despair. Like Bono said, duality and tension are marks of great art….all part of wrestling truth to the ground and being honest with yourself and before God.

I’m sitting in the balcony with Doug, the guy from Axis...the one who was impacted by the phrase, "cynicism lacks courage." The amazing part of Doug’s story is that I think of Doug as one of the most hopeful people I know….still grounded in reality and grappling with the contradiction of the newspaper and the Bible, but full of life and encouragement for everyone he meets.

What about you….can you “breathe it in” this morning? Where is your heart?

God reigns, let the earth be glad.


Anonymous said...

Why I'm not there but it looks like it was an awesome session. The reason I went into ministry. To reach the unchurched, to build relationships with the unlikable people. Well now I am no longer in the ministry, my passion burnt out, man I wish that I was involved in a church that card more about people than, arguing and making people feel like they are nothing.

Shawn said...

The links at the bottom of this post don't seem to work. Thanks for posting them up. I think there is a lot of interest in these great authors.

Matt B said...

This makes me miss being there... Didn't work this year...but I'll be back next. Thanks Nancy for the little bit I heard here...I'm purchasing this session for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know about getting the CD or mp3 of this message? It is always out of stock in seeds

Kevin said...

I enjoyed this one so much, cried through entire service. I didn't know how wounded I was, or how cinical I had become! I enjoyed the Bono clip, is there a place I can watch that again?

***I here the message had to much material in it that was copyrighted and therefore isn't going to be released.***

Bummer, right?

Kim said...

Did I hear correctly? Did Nancy say that we would be able to download an MP3 of Aaron's song, Enchanted?

Maggie said...

I think the download was if you filled out an online evaluation somewhere.

Also, I'd love my kids to see all the Diverse City. Any way you'd consider posting?

Marcie said...

I too am interested in the links that don't seem to work. Hope we can still get the info. Great session! I really needed it and felt so inspired with hope.