Your Response to Session 5?

What is your response to the unforgetable experience that was Scribble with Erwin "Raphael" McManus?


Pat Dryburgh said...

I am a worship leader from Canada, who has no experience in dance and very little in dramatic arts. I usually don't spend much time going to dramatic productions or frequenting dance events. However, I was almost in tears during the first half of the Scribble production. Part of that was because it was simply amazing. The other part was out of sadness that for too long the church has been stifling the talents of truly creative people, and how much I desire to see more and more artists joining to creatively present the love of God to the world.

Thanks, Willow, for a great end to a great conference.

Pat Dryburgh

Chris Vacher said...

My only disappointment with the last session was that we weren't given the opportunity to really thank the Scribble team with a standing ovation when they were finished!

Maggie said...

A great job, and I loved hearing the testimony of the speaker so that I could connect with his mission and message quickly.

We saw Blue Man Group the night see that level of artistry and "be yourself with something unique and true to you" was great.

(Curious question: The part where the dancers were picking up peices and dropping them into the guitar case...what were they, how did they help, and what was it they held up at the end?)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get the words of declaration Nancy led the group in at the end of the conference...the, "We are artists..." Could someone post that?

Anonymous said...

Session Five was totally awesome and inspiring. The music, the dancing, the message, and Johnny the Stage Manager finding his gift was all truly AWESOME.

Is there going to be a DVD to purchase of the entire Scribble presentation? Boy I hope so!

I would love to see SCRIBBLE and other messages like it, presented in non-church settings - on the road in a city parking lot near you.

Take Scribble to the people that have not ever seen nor heard the Gospel and Love of Christ presented in such a way.

Big SCRIBBLE THAT to Erwin, David, Alan, and all the Mosaic music and dancing members. You all are so AWESOME (Can I say that enough) and THANK YOU for sharing your gifts with all of us (including this 40 something white suburban ain't got no rythym brother)!


Vimary said...

I am from Puerto Rico and i love all the breakouts and session that i took but scribble was amazing Erwin's words really touched my heart....the dancers were amazing and who could forget the stage manager hahahahaha....Thanks a lot to willow creek this conference was perfect....

Anonymous said...

Scribble is a beautiful work of artistry. Top notch piece. Definitely one of the highlights of the week. I would like to 2d tso's comments from another page. I immediately noticed that all of the white shirt/tie folks, once freed became equally monotone when they untucked their shirts and took off their ties. I wished some would keep on the tie, or unbutton the shirt to show a little remaining variety of personalities. Thanks for your excellence and artistry.

Stacey said...

Hello! I am one of the dancers from Scribble and I must say, it was such an honor and pleasure to dance for the Arts Conference at Willow Creek this year! It was such a dream and such a powerful experience. Thank you for having us, and I hope this is just the beginning of us touching many more lives!

To answer Maggie's question, the dance where the dancers are holding up pieces and we drop them into the sax case...that piece is called "Creativity" and the concept is that the sax player is alone, not playing well, he isn't motivated. Each of the dancers finds a piece (of glass which basically symbolizes a piece of themself) and he starts to get inspired...once we all drop our pieces in, he is fully inspired (as we are as well) and we hold up a mosaic which is full of broken pieces that make up a beautiful piece of art. So it is basically about the beauty of community and an artistic representation of where "Mosaic" gets its name: everyone coming together (broken in pieces and all) to make something beautiful!

I must make one shameless plug...our "stage manager" Joe (John Torres) is actually an extremely talented singer so please look him up!!!

Thank you for everything!

Stacey Carr

Kristin Baker said...

Incredible! What a way to conclude the conference and drive home the message of duality and "living in the contradiction" as we experienced the stories of tragedy and experienced the comedy of hope. My heart, uh, I mean my amigdala is full . . . .

Kristin Baker

Anonymous said...

When I accepted Christ in 1985 at the Son City in Park Ridge, IL I thought “Wow, I didn’t think church could be like this.”
When I started attending willow in the mid 90’s thought again “wow, I didn’t think church could be like this.”
Scribble made me think the same thing again. Thanks for blowing the doors of what we are used to and challenging us to look at different ways we can use the arts to communicate.

Beth said...

The scene when all the dancers were in the suits and then broke free from them really touched me. This photo represents how I feel. I work a mundane job and the dancers really set my heart free from that and gave me hope that there is more to my day-to-day job than I see. I will go back to work with a new sense of freedom... a freedom to "scribble" outside the lines. I have never been touched by dancing in such a spiritual way. THANKS!

melody said...

What a perfect, powerful way to end this year's conference! I was struck with the freshness, excellence and utter creativity that drove every single moment of the presentation. Each word, gesture, note and symbol kept me on the edge of my seat with eyes wide open so i wouldn't miss a thing. The writing was so top notch, and the choreography, story line and pacing were breathtaking.
But here's my biggest THANK YOU - you did it ALL without a hint of sexualization. It's a tricky thing to get costumes and choreography to point to God 100%of the time and you proved that it CAN be done, and done brilliantly. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

beth - outstanding photo

Anonymous said...


The Scibble piece was the best part of our trip there..
I do have ONE artistic beef with the presentaiton, which I still thought was the high point of the conference.

In the early dance piece that had the "office drones" coming to work, their zombie like confromity was displayed by lock-step, unison dancing, and all being dressed alike.

We all saw the rebellion of the late character, then the "transformation" of all the other drones. My problem artistically is what happens next -they are all slowly transformed to the point where...THEY ARE ALL DANCING IN LOCK STEP, WITH THE SAME OUTFITS ON!
So, the point being I guess that we are to all fight against conformity by changing what we currently do and how we look to doing exactly what some OTHER group does and how THEY look?!?!

INMHO, this is the root of the sad state of creativity coming out of the Hollywood entertainment culture. Rather than artists being fiercely creative and "new", they seem to be sustaining themselves by convincing us that what was cool last season is OUT, and that you need to jump on the new, COOLER trend.

New clothes/art/language...same tired conformity.

This psuedo-transformation to the "new conformity" seemed perfectly reflected in that one dance piece.

That being said - the dance skills were brilliant, and I DID get the message of fighting against tired, lifeless existance. Despite the possible flaws in choreographic narrative :)

That, and I didn't quite get the glass pieces/sax player analogy (though once again the artistry was superb). It seemed to be saying, "support the arts with your contributions - we'll only crank out noise until you do" :)

Jaime said...


chris ridgeway said...

Scribble's dance slices were uncommonly brilliant, for sure.

But it was hard for me to feel deeply into an urban story while sitting stage-left of suburbia. Slipping authenticity always finds me a bit queasy.

And honestly, I cringe a bit at a suggestion that Scribble would work well as an evangelistic show in public parking lot. I can't tell if it's the 20-something or melancholy writer in me, but Scribble's characters didn't feel like they had much more depth than the songs I hear on Contemporary Christian radio. Straw-man conflict and happy endings.

I feel like _I'm_ the one scribbling outside the lines - not contributing a positive review. But while I was wowed by the talent on the stage, the narrative seemed to lack the relationship and reality that I hear Shauna Niequist and Dan Kimball pleading for.

Jeannine said...

Wow! What a great ending to a wonderful refueling three days. I wish I had Mosaic's DVD to inspire me on the days when being an artistic child of God is not so easy. Way to go, Willow and Erwin! Beth, thanks for posting the photo. I loved seeing it because I was the first person to paint "hope" on that canvas. It was a bright green heart in a circle at the bottom right. My friend painted the dove. To see the finished product was inspiring! Peace Out!

VAN-C said...

my name is actually Alejandro, and I'm from Costa Rica.
Scribble.. it's just too much to describe in words. i mean,I've never seen so much energy and such a powerful message in a show!!
the thing that thouched me deep inside wasn't the show at all.. I've been reading some comments about it and I realized again that it wasn't the show by itself.. it was the impact. the way it could get into the people.. and touch hearts
to talk from my experience, i went to the conference with my mom, and i should just say she hasnt had an easy life... my parents are divorced since 8 years ago, i live with her... i've seen her cry, feel alone n sad..we've been through hard stuff too and i began to think that there would never come a day like this, when she saw the scribble show... i had to write to mosaic people to thank them, cuz never in my life i've seen my mom so happy with her face so full of joy.
it was the best blessing i got from the whole conference. its the memory i hold the most. to see her jumping, shouting, laughing so loud that made my ears hurt, clapping with excitement.. just in a state of so wonderful joy..and so touched still by the great message... i'll never forget that.
dewitt said in the backstage video that all he felt was gratitude... in the moments God just gave us as a precious gift.
erwins people, they don't have gifts, they are not gifted... they ARE the gifts.. they gave themselves there.. and by that, they gave me one of the best memories in my life.

thank you!!

alan said...

hi everyone, this is alan from the urban poets team. it's been great to stumble on this page and see all of your comments. i want to thank you for your support during the show. that may have been the most fun audience we've ever had (and one of the biggest)

we'd love for you to keep in touch with us:

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

What's up with Erwin's hair?