I Love Movies!

I love the whole movie experience…dark room, giant screen, surround sound. I even like battling the crowds on opening night, just so that I can be among the first to see the latest blockbuster. When I was younger, I’d watch almost anything...now, I’m a little more discerning…I avoid all slasher and horror flicks, and I can’t take any movie with evil children or children being harmed…the mother in me just can’t handle it.

Being a mom gives me an excuse to see some great movies. Just this past week, I took my kids to see Ratatouille. It was a very fun story with a good lesson about friendship, honesty and pursuing your passion. On top of that, the animation was beautiful! What an amazing example of art and technology at work together!

All in all, I guess what I really love about movies is getting lost in the story and being temporarily transported to a different place. What was the last story you really got lost in?

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