You asked for it - Film Festival Results

You asked for it—and here it is! We now have details for you on the inspirational videos created by church artists that were part of the Film Festival at the recent Arts Conference 2007. Two weeks ago, over 1,500 of us gathered to view some of the best videos created and submitted by a group of 15 churches from across North America. These videos were created by church artists to be shown as part of their church services. It was an inspiring night! Since then, many of you have been asking for a list of the videos and who created them. So here you go – Click here to download a PDF of what we all saw that evening, along with the “winners” in each category.

If you were at the film festival, tell us about your experience. What were your personal favorites and why? Whether you were there or not, check out the videos on YouTube and let us know what you think.

Here are some of the videos that are also available on YouTube:
Reconsilosec - from Community Christian
Connecting With God - from Sugar Creek Baptist
This is the Truth - from Granger Church
Beauty - from Mosaic


Mark said...

I found North Point's "Kick Me" video at:

They have 3 other videos along the same theme: "Do you think like a middle schooler?". All of these videos are for attracting volunteers.

Great idea, and great execution!

Anonymous said...

Here is the link for some of Eagle Brook's videos:

Chad Oneil said...

Found your blog by searching for "Dewitt Jones". Enjoyed the video you had of him.

Elizabeth Gilroy said...

Thanks so much for posting the film festival results and line up. I have been waiting. I so enjoyed the festival. As a video producer, I was excited to see the ideas out there that have been realized. It was so encouraging to see that my own ideas and creative thoughts are on the right track. I loved seeing the work of others doing the same thing I am and doing it well. Serving God in this venue is incredible. As I tell everyone at Church on the Rock here in Alaska, I have the funnest job in the church.

Matt Brownlow said...

I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase the Unwritten video that was shown (music by Natasha Bedingfield).