What You Said

A few months ago we asked you, "What would you like to see at next year's Arts Conference?”

Thanks to everyone who responded to our question. September is a significant time of ideation and planning for the 2008 Arts Conference. We appreciate your prayers and are always open to hearing any further input you might have.

Here are some suggestions we’ve already received:

A breakout focusing on photography
More drama at the main sessions
A time to meet and network with church leaders and artists “in my neighborhood”
A track that would focus on leadership, innovation and challenges facing small churches
A session focusing on a theology of worship
A n opportunity to observe a rehearsal for drama and rhythm sections
A breakout dedicated to brass and reed instruments
And a chance to observe a creative planning meeting

It isn’t too late to send us your suggestions and ideas, so if something came to mind while you were reading this, drop us a note! We hope to see you at the 2008 Arts Conference on June 11 – 13.

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