A Moment of Beauty In Worship

Last night I hurried over to church for our mid-week worship service. Because my husband is on a ministry trip to Costa Rica, I slipped into a seat alone and weary from a long day. The worship leader invited us to stand, and we began to sing. Honestly, I was not engaged at first, having trouble shaking off the details of my day, the mundane thoughts about my girls getting slammed with homework, about my plans for the next morning.
Three songs into the worship time, I looked up at the screens and saw a brilliant video background of golden Fall leaves. Then I noticed the white fabric behind the band, with subtle yet lovely shadows of leaves projected and moving slightly as we sang as though a warm breeze was blowing through the room. And I was caught off guard by the remarkable beauty of that moment.
As a visual person, and someone whose primary pathway to God is through creation, I deeply appreciate worship that transcends words. Give me a picture, help me remember for a moment the wonder of what God has made, and chances are so much better I will move out of my self absorption and into a place of gratitude and awe.
I imagine the team who hung the fabric, figured out the projections, found the autumn leaves as a background to the lyrics, went about their tasks not knowing whether the time and sacrifice was worth it, whether anyone would even notice or appreciate their craftsmanship. Well I noticed. And my weary soul began to move toward that softer place of remembering who I am and who God is, which is, I guess, the foundation of authentic worship. I am grateful for those who served me with beauty. And even more, I am grateful to the Magnificent Designer of everything I call beautiful.

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Darren said...

I have moments like these as well... and I'm trying to share my appreciation with those who invest their time and effort in making these things happen.

Thanks for bringing this point to light as a reminder for us all to "stop and watch the leaves" or to smell the roses.