The Talk

I was sitting around the table the other day with a group of friends...they all just happen to be artists. One of them was telling us about the challenges she was facing. We listened carefully. There were nods of understanding. And then one of the guys said, “Do you need the TALK?” We gave him the ‘what are you talking about look,’ and he explained. Do you remember the show The Practice? Well, there was one episode where Lara Flynn Boyle’s character, Assistant District Attorney, Helen Gamble was having a really bad day. She wondered if she was really making a difference. She wondered why she just didn’t give it all up & get a better job...a job that paid more money...a job that wasn’t so hard...a job where her efforts were appreciated. Do you remember the episode?

Well after listening to her frustrations, her disappointments and her discouragement, A.D.A. Richard Bay, actor Jason Kravits, looks her in the eyes and says, “Do you need the TALK?” She replies seriously, “Yes, I need the TALK.” Richard then begins an inspiring and heartfelt dissertation about the value, and significance of their work. He preaches about how their work makes a difference to America! He reminds her that she fights for the victims; she rights the wrongs and stands up for justice! The TALK.

Have you had one of those days of those weeks? Do you need the TALK?

What you do matters! The hours you spend creating, refining, practicing, rehearsing and then serving...matters. When you allow God to work through you, lives are changed...people start thinking differently, they take a second look, they believe in second chances. They believe in grace. They are open to love. They are committed to living for a King.

Your art gives voice to everyday joys and inconceivable sorrows. You paint a picture of home for the orphan. You introduce them to the love of the Father. You let them know they can belong.

What you do matters! Give yourself and your gifts to God. Follow closely. Listen carefully.

May the Master take you by the hand and lead you along the path of God's love and Christ's endurance.
2 Thessalonians 3:5


Darren said...

That was great... and refreshing. Things are going well at church, but in my work life (which is also creative) things have been challenging (especially financially). I'm still open for God to give me a 'regular job', but this has certainly encouraged me to continue what I do, knowing that I'm still working for the Kingdom of God.

I really enjoy this blog and I'm THANKFUL that it's here!

Pam said...
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Pam said...


I prayed for you today.

God bless you and keep you,
God smile upon you and gift you,
God look you full in the face
and make you prosper.
Numbers 6: 24-26