Well, while sugar plums are dancing in your heads, mine is swimming with details for ARISE – Our Arts Conference, June 11, 12 & 13. Soon we will be launching the official website but in the mean time let me give you a few of the particulars. We are excited to welcome back teachers like Brian McLaren, Ross Parsley, Mindy Caliguire, Tim Carson and Rory Noland. We are also thrilled that Francis Chan has accepted our invitation to be one of our main speakers. All of these presenters, and the 100 others that have committed to come promise to stretch us as artists, leaders, teachers and Christ followers.

While we are still planning it would be a good time to shoot me any ideas you might have. Hope to see you in June!


hsmom3 said...

I would love to come to your conference. We just finished our 4 show dinner theatre production of A Christmas Tale. We loved it, and I am wondering if there are any Musical Dramas available for Easter, or scripts that might lend themselves to a non-service type dinner theatre?

Julie Pelletier said...

Yes! We do have Easter scripts and other Easter holiday weekend ideas! The newest production called "Portraits of the Passion" sounds like it will fit your needs exactly. It is in the final stages of manufacturing now, and you can look for it in mid-January. You can also browse around our on-line store and check out some of these past Easter performances.

Pilate on the Beach

Risen-Up King

Browse all Easter Resources

Thanks for your comment- we would love to see you at the conference!

Christian Performing Artists said...

One of the most frequent topics I get questions about is copyright issues, especially with regards to music withlive performance in churches (almost everyone is misinformed in some way or another). A workshop on this might be appreciated by your conference attendees.

pj1201 said...

Thanks Lauren! I will see what I can do about informing people about copyright issues.

Merry said...

You should invite Lauren. I attended her workshop on copyright issues for the church at a CITA conference a few years ago and it was awesome.