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As we meet with artists and leaders we frequently hear them ask for direction in how to build a strong foundation of faith and a solid relationship with Christ. Artists serving in the local church want to know how to grow as personal worshipers of God. It is all too easy for us to focus on deadlines, rehearsal and services. It is all to frequent for worship to be something we do for a few hours of week and not how we live.

We want to give you a resource that would help you and your teams grow as personal worshipers. We are thrilled that Rory Noland and Zondervan agreed to share Chapter One of The Worshiping Artist. This is a fantastic spiritual formation tool, written with the artist in mind.

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Rory Noland is the director of Heart of the Artist Ministries, an organization dedicated to serving artists in the church. Rory is the author of The Heart of the Artist: a Character-Building Guide for You and Your Ministry Team, Thriving as an Artist in the Church: Hope and Help for You and Your Ministry Team, and his latest book The Worshiping Artist: Equipping You and Your Ministry Team to Lead Others in Worship all published by Zondervan. Rory leads worship for the Transforming Center, a ministry that cares for the souls of pastors, and he also serves as Pastor of Worship at Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

Rory will be one of our teachers at ARISE, this year’s arts conference. He will be presenting the following breakouts for artists and leaders: Building and Leading a Music Ministry, How to Prepare Spiritually to Lead Others in Worship, and Navigating Current Trends and Controversies in Worship.

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