Arise is coming...

Art should lift the soul out of the mundane to a higher place: a place of truth and beauty where we can glimpse the face of God.

Last night I was taking a final pass over the Arise brochure before it went to the printer today. I was humbled, once again, to see how God has worked in so many ways….bringing a unique combination of gifted teachers, leaders and artists together to encourage us all at this year’s Arts Conference. There are teachers from over 53 different churches this year! What a collection of insights to be shared and learned.

I am really excited to hear our main session speakers, Gilles Ste-Croix, Francis Chan, Brian McLaren, Nancy Beach, and Richard Allen Farmer. I believe we will be challenged to live, lead and create in new ways.

One of the highlights of the conference experience is worshipping together. This year our guest worship leader is Kendall Payne.

You don’t want to miss this experience. Next Tuesday, 4/8, is the Super Early Bird deadline, so register quickly for the lowest rates. The breakout classes are all on-line now…check them out!

Hope to see you at the Arts Conference.

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Anonymous said...

David Crowder Band performed last June at the Arts Conference. Will there be another powerful group or singer this year? I've not seen anything as of yet, or am I blind? I'm still comming!