Arts Conference Planning Meetings

Every Friday a group of creative folks meet for a couple hours to design and craft this year’s Arts Conference. We carefully look at each session and try to imagine how we can best harness the arts to inspire, lift, stretch, and impact all those who attend. This past Friday, we selected some video pieces, worship music, and drama scenes that I can’t wait for those who are coming to experience! One piece is just right for the session with Brian McLaren – it’s the true story of an artist who tells of her journey to Nepal, and the memory of a young beggar boy who transformed how she looks at her own life and choices. I not only love the content of what she communicates, but also the creative design of how that story is told.

We also signed off on a powerful beginning for the very start of Arise, a choice I don’t want to give away. Let me just urge all who are coming not to be late! (not that artists are ever late to anything). Mostly as we meet, I long for as many artists and pastors as possible to join us in June because I believe we all need the hope God gives us as we gather together, reminding one another of the significance of what we do, and encouraging one another to further develop our gifts and pay attention to our souls. I know this is a tough year for many with the economy, and training budgets are tight. I just want to urge you to see if you can find a way to raise the funds and make the trek to Chicago for our start on June 11. This Friday, we’ll keep on planning for you…

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