The Joy of Jersey Boys

I recently learned that the Chicago run of the hit show, Jersey Boys, has been extended indefinitely because of such booming business. I’m really not surprised. I have had the blessing of seeing the show twice already – once with my husband and friends, and another time because my sister begged to go for her birthday gift. On both occasions I was struck by the unbelievable joy of the crowd as we experienced hit song after hit song delivered with tremendous skill and passion from the cast. I have seen two different guys play Frankie Valli, and both were terrific. I was struck by the creative way in which the producers and writers wove the songs into a story line, giving the audience a glimpse of the lives of the singers behind the scenes. Mostly, it’s just an evening of great fun and outstanding music.

For anyone attending our Arts Conference in June, we have a few tickets left for Jersey Boys – what we call “Art in the City.” It would be such a gift to any arts team to head downtown Thursday evening and enjoy that show. You can find out more at our website.


bschwarb said...

I was given tickets and saw this show a few weeks ago in St. Louis. The music was fantastic.

But I was shocked with the content. I have been to a lot of shows, and I had never been to a broadway musical that was so filthy - the F bomb must have been dropped over 100 times in the show.

If you are signed up to go to this show, or are considering going to the show, you need to know you are going to be seeing a show with promiscuous sex, drug use and language that is worse than most movies you'll see on the big screen.

I'm a relatively young guy, and while I've heard that language outside of the theater, if I was hosting a church conference, I would not take people to see this show. I'm surprised Willow is endorsing this material.

Anonymous said...

Part of the reason this show is so good is the musical direction by Ron Melrose. Mr. Melrose was the composer of a show I produced which ran for several years and just finished not too long ago with an off-Broadway run. It's his subtle quickening of the tempo of the songs that keeps them frsh and interesting for today's audiences.