It’s almost Father’s Day

I can’t believe June is here. My boys finished school Friday, the conference is 8 days away, I leave on vacation two days after the conference (Father’s day) and it feels like June is gone!

So, I’ve been thinking of Father’s day but conference details have kept me busy. I’ve been meaning to post some ideas that leaders were kind enough to pass on. I’d love to hear what your church is planning.

Northridge Church’s Roxann Powell and Kim Graf were kind enough to share some music plus ideas they have used in the past. A musical duet with a dad and daughter of Unforgettable with pictures of dads & children, made a memorable moment. They also used the song Daughters by John Mayer.

One year they used Phil Collins song You’ll be in my Heart. They choreographed a series of life moments throughout the song. It began with a dad center stage. A mom came out, handed him a baby girl and the Father danced her around to the music. The same mom came out from the other side of the stage with a 5 year old girl; she ran out to hug her dad and then stood on his feet as they danced. Next came a teenage girl talking a phone, looking annoyed, reluctantly she hung up and took her dad’s hand and they began to dance. Her mood changed and she began to enjoy the time with her father, eventually laying her head on his shoulder. The daughter had ended each scene by putting her head on her father’s shoulder. Finishing the song, a bride comes out and dances with her dad. People were very moved.

Many churches are doing some extra events for Father’s day. Last year, one church I was visiting had a barbecue and a photographer available to take pictures of dads with their families on a big ol’ Harley. My church has a car show. It brings many people out to church that wouldn’t normally come.

So, what have you got planned? Or what did you do last year? Share the ideas, I am sure there are many like me that can’t believe that June is here and Father’s day is just around the corner.


stephen said...

we're going to try to pull off "just the two of us" - the will smith remake.

Kerrie from So Cal said...

'The church has left the building' We are instead of having services, we are serving the community. We have 17 different service projects that you could participate in, then come to a concert in the park with your family. It's about being together as a family. We could have done it anytime, but it concluded our series on father's day!

Pam Howell said...

Kerrie - this sounds like a great idea!

Is your music team doing the concert or are you bringing someone in?

Can the community come to the concert?