On Truth & Meaning: Session Four

Growing up my pastor always signed his letters to the congregation “expectantly”. I LOVED that. It was hopeful and thoughtful and made you want to pay attention.

When I saw Nancy’s video about why she was looking forward to Don Miller’s session, I felt her sense of holy expectation. It makes me want to pay attention and pray along with her for what God will do. I love the moments at a conference like this when the music is hot and the enthusiasm of the people is off the charts. But, more than that, I love it when we take a breath and invite God into the depths of who and where we are.

So I’ll be the guy worshiping like it’s his job when Crowder takes the stage, but I’ll also be the guy listening with all my heart and soul on Friday morning.


By the way, check out Don Miller’s responses below to some questions we asked.

Have you read Don’s books or heard him speak? What has he already meant to you?

Questions with Donald Miller

Music: Who are you listening to these days?

Books: What are you reading?
Making Waves by Llosa

What is one thing you would say to artists and leaders who are just starting out?
I think artists and leaders both, who are working in an evangelical culture, would do well to establish community outside of Christian community. This will round out their perspective so they have something to offer evangelical culture. This is not so difficult. A part-time job at a bookstore, starting a book club, cooking club or joining a neighborhood association are all ways to connect with people outside the church.

What is one thing you would say to artists and leaders who have been involved in ministry a long time?
I could only offer the same answer as the previous question, that is … to broaden our perspectives by broadening the kinds of stimulation we receive as artists.

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Janice said...

WOW! I have read Donald's books and was excited to hear what he had to say. Again reinforcing for me the need to develop connections outside of the local 'church culture. As someone who came out equal percentages for right and left brain action on one of those "tests" he helped me to clearly understand some of my own inner struggle. I completed reading 'To Own A Dragon' on my way home on the plane (even though I am a girl) and it was great too!