Scribbles: Session Five

Here is a video I recorded about the session with Erwin McManus and the team from Mosaic. The video speaks for itself, but as I look forward to this session, I’m increasingly thrilled that Erwin will be speaking to our gathering because Erwin lives out the kind of vision we are holding up throughout the conference.

Erwin is truly an artist/dreamer/teacher/writer/creator along with many more hyphens including husband/father/pastor, etc. I believe he is uniquely called by God to speak into our culture and to stretch those of us building churches and creating art to new ways of thinking about and looking at our world. Erwin’s writing and teaching have impacted me profoundly, and I prayed this morning that God will use him and his team in a mighty way on Friday morning. Personally, I can’t wait!

Has Erwin inspired you? Whose words make a huge difference in your life?

Get to know Erwin better, by reading the questions below.

Music: Who are you listening to these days?
Snow Patrol, The Fray, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Until June and of course it goes without saying that my favorite band is The Glare of Rockets, the band my son Aaron and daughter Mariah have with two friends Matt and CJ.

Books: What are you reading?
Actually I am writing a book so when I am writing I’m not reading as much, but I’ve had Meditations by Marcus Aurelius with me while I’ve been traveling.

Movies, TV or DVD’s: What are you watching? Or What do you recommend?
What I watch and what I recommend are two different things.
The last really good film I saw was The Departed, but it’s filled with profanity so don’t get mad at me if you go see it.
I have been watching the whole season of Prison Break while traveling through Africa and I love it. Prison Break and House are probably my two favorite shows right now.

People: Who would you like to have a cup of coffee with?
I would love to have coffee with Bono, Steven Spielberg and maybe George Clooney just for sheer fun. Also, anyone with a lot of resources who is excited about investing in a dream.

What is one thing you would say to artists and leaders who are just starting out?
Get out.

What is one thing you would say to artists and leaders who have been involved in ministry a long time?
See answer above. The problem is that when we get in to ministry we seem to get out of humanity. I would much rather have young artists and leaders go in to humanity than go into ministry. And by the way, what does going in to ministry mean? I guess some people go in to medicine because they love the research and some because they want to be healers; which is probably why I like House…his overwhelming undeniable compassion for the world. And Prison Break is the metaphor for getting out of ministry.


jacob said...

I am looking forward to this session

Jon Becker said...

Here we go!

jacob said...

Amazing. Need you to come to our church in NH with that. Unbelievable.