What are you excited about today?

Hope you all had a good sleep! Or, maybe spent hours in conversations late into the night…

I could not be more excited about today and all that it holds for you. In conversations with others, in breakouts that will engage and equip, and in moments where you check in with what God is speaking to you - this day is full of possibility.

As I was reflecting back on our first day together, I was humbled once again at what a good God we have. He used the speakers, the art, the worship to challenge and inspire me, even in the midst of some difficulties. I spent the whole night singing This is My Father’s World…that was a goosebump moment for me yesterday!

There were so many great breakout classes to choose from and some super teachers. Hope you enjoy your day and that you are grounded in "what's right with your world".

So, what are you most excited about today? What are you looking forward to the most?

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Anonymous said...

Hi y'all. I'm having a great time here at Willow. I'm from England, UK, and I've really been enjoying the conference. The breakout sessions have been so applicable and helpful, and I'm excited about putting it all into action! Did anyone go to the Wednesday night meeting? I got all fired up and now I want to make a great story. I'm ready to start filling those pages! I'd be interested to know if there are any fellow singer songwriters out there? I've just recently had some EPs done of my music, and wondering where to go from here. The internship here at Willow looks kind of cool too. Think I'll go to that meeting tomorrow morning. I've really felt welcome by you all here at Willow. Thanks so much for answering questions and directing us to where we need to be. All your hard work and preparation is greatly appreciated. You also have an amazing building! It's like a Christian's paradise! I so want to come back! God bless you Willow members and conference goers! Rachel from Bristol, UK. (rachelsj@inbox.com)