You Are Not Alone!

We hear you loud and clear. At the WCA, our job is to listen to your needs and understand your challenges. This summer, our awesome Emerging Media Intern, Mark Beebe, and I have been processing responses from Arts Leaders about ways we can help you in your ministry.

You said that you are wrestling with a lack of resources. There just isn’t enough. You have too few volunteers, no time to brainstorm and implement your best ideas, too small a budget, and too many things to balance.

We hope that the community you find here will help you know you are not alone and that it will help you navigate the amazing potential and heavy burdens of arts ministry in the church. Conferences and resources are invaluable, but there are other ways we can help each other as well. The ideas, advice, and encouragement we can offer each other year round can be a real support.

So here’s a challenge for this community: Let’s help each other! Let’s start a dialogue right here in this space that makes a difference for someone right now!

If you are facing a specific challenge – share it in the comments. What is your greatest burden? What issue do you wish you knew how to address?

If you have advice or encouragement – share it. God may have given you the words that are desperately needed by a fellow leader who shares their concern in the comments.

Our prayer is that you will find that God is closer than you think as you share your need or share your words of support or direction.

Let the dialogue begin!

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Anonymous said...

Our church is not growing. That really concerns me. I've been asking God why? Sometimes it makes me bitter when I think of our Pastor. But I tell God that, & thank him anyways in every circumstance. I keep hoping & praying for change. That God would help us become great leaders so focused on God's word! God has me doing so many things, & I feel has asked me if I would like to become a childrens pastor. I know for a fact this is the church He told me to join. I wish I saw the passion of Jesus, the joy of the Lord, & just more of Jesus in everyone, esp holySpirit filled leadership. I am praying.