Free Download: Unlimited Creativity

If you’re like most creative artists, you’ll admit there are weeks when you dread the creative planning meeting. That Sunday service is coming up again, and you’re wondering where the ideas are going to come from. So, what can you do personally to help your team keep coming up with fresh, relevant, creative, and God-honoring ideas? How can you lead and inspire your team to produce services that draw people deeper in their journey with God?

If you can identify with those feelings and questions, take the next 90 minutes to listen to Mark Miller, vice-president of training and development for Chick-fil-A, talk about principles and practices that will help you leverage and enhance your God-given creativity. I am confident you’ll come away with at least one insight, new practice, or technique that will enhance your personal or team’s creativity. Click here to get this week's free download.

Our hope is that each week the material we offer as a free resource might help you grow personally, help your team develop, and eventually help people in your community find new life in Christ. One of the best ways we can use this space is to share learnings, ideas, and practices. So, please let me know your response to this talk and what you are doing personally or with your team to inspire new ideas.



Mark Miller is vice-president of training and development for Chick-fil-A, a privately owned restaurant chain with 1,100 locations and annual sales of $1.5 billion. Mark has recently coauthored The Secret with Dr. Ken Blanchard, and is a frequent speaker at leadership conferences and events around the world on principles of leadership development and creativity.


Quick Click Media said...

This was a VERY helpful resource. Thank you so much for making it available for free. I didn't know about the Worship Arts conference and sumbled uppon this from attending the Ledership Summit and accessing that web site.

I listened to the message and took detailed notes with the very practical steps and tips on brainstorming. I've never had a productive result from previous brainstorming experinces and I now see why: lack of proper stimulation and a severe lack of time allotted to the activity.

My only other request would have been some visuals posted with this blog to help with his illustrations since this is an audio-only download.

Thanks again and I look forward to additional resources being available online!


Pam said...

I am glad the resource was so helpful.

I agree that the visuals would be helpful. We generally don't have those for the breakouts but if I can get my hands on them I will post them in the future.