Last week, I had the opportunity to be a part of a creative brainstorming group. As I walked in the room, I was greeted with music playing, colorful bins of markers and paper, baskets of snacks, and little toys on the table. There was even a corner with a colorful chair and comfy cubes to sit on. Right from the beginning I was feeling this was going to be a fun meeting. Over the hours of dreaming and discussions with a very diverse group of people, there were many laughs and a boatload of ideas scattered all over white sheets of paper posted on the walls.

As the meeting went on, we hit a wall. We were just not moving forward. Instead of just pushing through, the leader asked us to take a break, find a place where we could be alone to listen to God. She asked us to pray and ask God where He wanted us to go next. It was a great reminder that what we came together to do wasn’t dependent on us. God was in control. It was humbling to come back from that exercise and listen to how God had spoken to each person.

I am grateful that God speaks to us, inspires us and leads us … each week artists in the church face the task of filling a blank sheet of paper and then turning it to a transformational experience. Many of us are doing double duty as you begin to create Christmas services. Just think … in 125 days, all your Christmas services will be behind you!

I am wondering if there is anything special you or your team does to prepare for Christmas. Share your ideas…we all need them! Remember, God cares even more than you do about your services and He will give you all that you need.

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