What You Said

A few months ago we asked you about the specific ways you are building relationships outside the church. You told us that you are making this a part of the way you do life – you need exercise, so you run with your neighbor; you both have kids – so you talk about parenting; you like to read – so you started a book club.

We know … believe me we know … life can be full, but making room to share hope with God’s beloved is IT! These words are from one person who talked about how God is working in a "very slow, arduous process." "I am so grateful because last week … one of the wives in one of the homes (in her neighborhood) showed up at church. No coincidence that I ran into her there and no coincidence that she was in desperate need of prayer."

One of the respondents, Heather Palacios, Pastor/Weekend Coordinator from Flamingo Road Church, sums it up very well … “Our neighbors will always have little needs that we can fill (a smile and a hello; an offer to bring their mail in while they’re gone); but they also have the biggest need…to know Jesus. I totally believe God’s gonna use me and my house to love these guys so they will come to love Him.”

Thanks to all of you who responded to the question in our e-newsletter, EQ[U]IP. We want to say way to go! And keep it up! Let us know what you’re doing. Don’t underestimate the power of your words. Your stories encourage and inspire the rest of us.

What specific ways are you building relationships outside the church?

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