Move that Bus!

I love it! I love a story about someone who reaches out for help and finds more than they ever dreamed. I’m sure that is why I love ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. I have often said that this show has redeemed television’s reputation.

I just watched a Grandma fall to her knees as a bus pulled away to reveal her hope… home for her four grandchildren. It made me think about the church and that dramatic ‘move that bus’ kind of hope we bring to people’s lives. I wish we had the ability to hear what is going on in people’s minds as they sit and watch dramas, dances and videos. I wish you could know the buses that are being moved away to reveal hope as they listen to your stories, songs and messages.

It has been more than 30 years ago but I remember the story that gave me hope…I was a high school student sitting in someone’s basement listening to a 20-something talk about his time in prison. It was in a foreign prison that the church reached out to him and convinced him that God had a deep love for him and would be there for him. And then he moved the bus…he told me that God loved me and would be there for me…any time, any where. I so desperately wanted to believe him. I wanted someone who would be there for me always. It was some months later that I fully embraced that truth but that evening the bus moved away revealing my heart’s home…so now many years later I fall to my knees in gratitude.

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