Big Idea Practicum Opportunity

Yesterday I met my friend Eric Bramlett for lunch. He’s the Arts Leader at Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois. Whenever I spend time with Eric, I feel a little tired just listening to all the new initiatives he and his team are working on, and I tell him it’s a good thing he’s so young! One of their latest ways to help serve other churches is a practicum they will offer in October on how they manage the creative process for what they call The Big Idea. Many other churches are following their lead in planning services 9 weeks ahead and using the main theme in all their age-graded ministries as well each weekend. If you’d like to bring a small team to Naperville to learn from them for a couple days, here’s the link to get more information: The BIG IDEA Practicum

Another project I was excited to hear about at Community Christian is their upcoming production of the tremendous play, Our Town. In a small black box theatre on their campus, this innovative church occasionally offers a theatrical production for their wider community, partly to sow seeds and give people a great experience on a weekend at their church. In addition, these productions stretch and further develop their team of artists because they can sink their teeth into something that is longer than your average Sunday morning drama sketch. I’m hoping to take my daughters to see the play next month.

I’m thrilled that Eric and the rest of the gifted and devoted team at Community Christian are serving the kingdom about an hour from where I live, reaching one of the fastest growing regions in our state. What a gift to be inspired by this brother yesterday, and to celebrate what God is up to in his life and in Naperville!

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