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Integrity: What It Is and Why It Matters
Nancy Beach, Henry Cloud and Bill Hybels

Integrity. It is a significant and weighty word. We don’t use it casually and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be used often enough when describing leaders. Why? What does the word really mean? How do we cultivate it in ourselves and the communities we lead?

As you begin a new ministry season, approach new challenges and new opportunities, we would encourage you to take time out of your full schedules to listen to a message that will remind you, encourage you and teach you about the significance that integrity plays in your lives and your ministry.

Are we, the church, doing a good job in demonstrating integrity?

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Nancy Beach is executive vice-president of programming and production for the Willow Creek Association and a teaching pastor of Willow Creek Community Church. A champion for the arts and artists in the church, she is the author of An Hour on Sunday: Creating Moments of Transformation and Wonder. Nancy holds a master’s degree in communications from Wheaton College.
Dr. Henry Cloud is co-founder of Cloud-Townsend Clinic and president of Cloud-Townsend Resources. He is a popular speaker and co-host of the nationally broadcast New Life Live! radio program. He has written or co-written nineteen books, including Boundaries, It's Not My Fault: The No-Excuse Plan for Overcoming Life's Obstacles, God Will Make a Way: What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do, and Nine Things You Simply Must Do: To Succeed in Love and Life. His most recent books are How to Get a Date Worth Keeping and Integrity. In his consulting practice, he works with leaders of organizations and corporations, from family-held firms to Fortune 25 companies and non-profit organizations. With his extensive executive coaching background and experience as an organizational and leadership consultant, he speaks regularly at corporate and leadership events held across the United States and internationally. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, having earned a BS in psychology. He completed his PhD in clinical psychology at Biola University.
Bill Hybels, founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek, is well-known for his relevant and insightful Bible-based teaching. He is the author of 20 books, including Just Walk Across the Room, Rediscovering Church and Fit to Be Tied (both co-authored with his wife Lynne), Too Busy Not to Pray, Becoming a Contagious Christian (with Mark Mittelberg), and The God You're Looking For. He is chairman of the Willow Creek Association's board of directors. Bill received a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Trinity College.
Link to pt 2 of this message – Defining Moments: Integrity: Cultivating Character – this is on the WCA site too.

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