The First Green Room Event

Saturday, I had such a life-giving day among dozens of church artists who gathered with me at Christ Church in Montclair, New Jersey. The team from that beautiful church, led by Worship Pastor Marlinda Ireland, guided us in worship from the stage of their 100 year old breathtaking sanctuary. Then I had the incredible privilege of talking through the core values that under gird an effective arts ministry. Together we explored the wonder, privilege, and awesome responsibility of creating moments for the hour on Sunday.
As I looked around the room, I delighted in the diversity of those who attended. I saw an ll-year-old young man who dances at Christ Church (carefully listening and taking such good notes!) sitting near veteran church artists who have served for several decades. There were artists from Manhattan and Queens, from the suburbs, and even from far away cities like Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Baltimore. I talked with a group of Hispanic leaders who are challenged by doing services in both English and Spanish. Delighted by the variety of races, ethnicities, and backgrounds in the room, I also was constantly aware of all that unites us, of our common purpose and common struggles.
What drives me these days is the desire to inspire church artists with a vision of the worth of their calling, and with the truth that they don’t have to do ministry alone. Something supernatural happens when we come together and remind one another that we are not crazy and that other people “get us” and may even be able to offer wisdom and support. I can’t wait to gather with more artists next month in the Houston area!

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