Celebrating Everyday Life

A few weeks ago I was given a pre-release of the book Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. I couldn’t wait to read it. I have had the privilege of occasionally serving along side of Shauna for the past 10 years. She is an insightful, thoughtful and gracious woman. She is a gifted leader and artist. And she is a whole lot of fun!

As I mentioned I couldn’t wait to read the book but I found myself lingering...I didn’t want to hurry through this book. It was like a conversation with a good friend. Shauna’s words will make you laugh out loud, nod your head in understanding and pray for God to keep making you into the person He sees you to be – His Beloved.

Like a good friend Shauna challenges you to look at your life and who you are. Like a good friend she is transparent in sharing her weaknesses and challenges, never forcing you to come clean...but you will want to because she has made it a safe place.

Shauna’s book was a wonderful addition to my everyday life. I hope you will take the opportunity to spend some time with it.

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