Free Download: A Reason to be Thankful

Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron
As we reflect on the many blessing in our lives … of course being artists we are thankful for art – the songs, images, and stories that God brings into our lives. We are thankful for how they move and inspire us to see life in a new way, to love God and the people He puts in our lives … to live life.

Chasing Francis moved us to experience all those things and more. Ian Morgan Cron has done an exceptional job creating a story that stirs our souls, challenges our minds and touches our hearts.

We have been recommending Ian’s story for months to friends. So we are so excited that we can do more than just tell you about a great story, we can give you a glimpse into Chasing Francis. Ian and NavPress have graciously agreed to share the beginning of Chasing Francis with you. Just click here to download the first 37 pages of the story.

In addition to hearing what you think of Chasing Francis, we would love to know what works of art God has blessed you with this year.

An ordained Anglican priest, Ian Morgan Cron serves as senior pastor and founder of Trinity Church in Greenwich, CT, a non-denominational community committed to social justice as well as to communicating the Christian story through the arts.
To introduce others to St. Francis, whom Cron has billed the “consummate postmodern saint,” he authored Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale (September 2007, NavPress). Cron’s literary debut has received praise from a host of both Catholic and Protestant thinkers including Brian McLaren, artist Makoto Fujimura, Friar Richard Rohr, Tony Campolo and Brennan Manning. Ian lives in Old Greenwich, CT with his wife Anne and three children Cailey, Madeleine, and Aidan.

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livingpalm said...

the only problem with this book is that it made me want to pack my bags and head to Italy as soon as I finished the last page! it was a fun and meaningful read...i highly recommend it! (maybe the next arts conference could take place in Italy?)