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In the Name of Love: Creating a Safe Place for Artists
Ross Parsley

Let us love one another, for love comes from God.
I John 4: 7

What does love have to do with an arts ministry? When that ministry exists to serve Jesus Christ, who called His followers to love one another, love should be our hallmark. Yet, we all know that love isn’t often the predominant characteristic of our teams, nor is it the experience of many artists in the church.

Are you interested in building a ministry culture founded on love? If so, Ross Parsley will lead you through I John 3 and 4 to paint a picture of how to build a culture of love that can deeply impact your ministry. This teaching focuses on many important truths, including how loving people makes our art better. Ross will also discuss ways that love can be demonstrated and measured in our arts ministry, and how a culture of love can be fleshed out in auditions, evaluations, and more.

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Where does love make a difference in your ministry?

Ross Parsley currently serves as Worship Pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the founder and president of the New Life School of Worship, committed to training and equipping young men and women to lead worship in local churches. Ross has been leading and teaching on worship for over 20 years and is the worship leader on several Integrity Music recordings including "My Savior Lives" and "I Am Free". Ross demonstrates his philosophy of the generations working and worshipping together by harnessing a team of leaders and songwriters at New Life whose songs have quickly become worship favorites in churches around the world.

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