The Room

On Christmas day, I sat with my family in the church that I was raised in and experienced a rush of memories and emotions. As a young child, I remember my father being baptized in that room….years later, I was baptized in that room…I remembered sitting in the front row for the funeral of both my grandmother and grandfather….and none of my family will ever forget the year we were ushered to the front row on Christmas morning ten minutes after the service had begun. That was an embarrassing moment for us all.

With less of us than in previous years, our family gathered in that room to hear the story of Jesus birth, and the importance of Him in our lives today. We ended the service singing Silent Night, a cappella. It was beautiful! It dawned on me that the day before, I was in a room at Willow Creek, and we too ended our service singing Silent Night. Both experiences were quite different. At Willow, the story of Jesus birth was told with an amazing band, flying angels, compelling video images and falling snow.

The week before that, our team sat in a room at the First Baptist Church of Geneva where we experienced A Christmas Tale performed as an outreach for their community. In addition to A Christmas Tale, we know that many of you performed your own version of Imagine Christmas. It has been weeks and months of preparations and amazing commitment from artists and volunteers that all culminated this week. Teams giving their very best, knowing that this is a great opportunity for God to work. All over the world, people have gathered in rooms large and small and in between over the last month to see and experience one of the greatest stories ever told. God used you to communicate His story in fresh and creative ways and even very simple ways. Thank you for giving your best for the sake of the Kingdom!

Tell us how God showed up in your room this month. We’d love to hear about it!

If you have any pictures or video post those, we would love to see them!

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Her said...

This Christmas, the room for me was were we held our post-service, meet-n-greet. Person after person, I met folk who had just walked forward in our Christmas service to make "ROOM" for Jesus in their hearts. These folk, who God was now preparing a "ROOM" for in heaven, were easy to i.d. because each they were holding a beautifully wrapped gift box. Which was part of the come forward and recieve the "gift" God has for you. It was really neat to see an entire family holding gift boxes-- trajectories and generations changed forever!