New Year's Prayer

The Lord bless thee and keep thee.
Numbers 6: 24

God give thee a year of rich blessing;
‘Tis my deepest longing for you,
That He may give more abundantly
Than what thou hast known hitherto.

God bless with a spirit of patience,
To bear ‘mid life’s ills and its woes,
The burden and sorrow that presses,
Which no friend on earth sees or knows.

God bless thee with strength and with courage
Just daily to take up thy cross,
And follow wherever He leadeth,
For Him counting all things but dross.

God bless thee with power of endurance,
When tested by conflict and strife,
Look up unto Him, the Unseen One,
To Him, He is the God of thy life.

God give thee such fullness of blessing
As only His hand can bestow;
That forth from thy life living waters
To thirsty ones round thee may flow.

Ephesians 3:20, Romans 7: 30-39, 7: 10-15, John 3:16

I discovered this on another blogger’s site, Darrin Brooker. He found this on a card tucked in an old book. The 130 year old prayer isn’t attributed to an author.

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