“Who is in your 5?” Though this question generally refers to the people in your life you are most connected with, those you most desire to be with and those who bring you the most pleasure, this drama is asking the question in the context of Christ calling us to love all people.

The scene is set for a dinner party and the main character struggles with the questions, "Who are the first five people you do not want to your table? What if they were the first five to the table?” She is faced with inviting those who she finds challenging, difficult and different. She wrestles with Christ’s call to love like He loved. She is challenged to live out her faith.

This drama provokes people to think about how they love and do they want to be different.

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Her said...

That's a great drama. It'd also make a great weekend series!

Pam Howell said...

Thanks for the feedback Heather. When you use it, let us know how it goes.