Each month EQ[U]IP poses many questions to its readers. Our hope is that some of the questions would draw you into a place of self-examination, leading you closer to God. We hope other questions would cause you to take steps to improve your ministry, your gifts or yourself.

In the January issue of EQ[U]IP we asked you “What is one area you would like your team to grow in this year?” Our thought behind the question was that the answers might show you that you aren’t alone, others are pursuing similar paths. We also hoped we could encourage one another with ideas of how to pursue our goals.

We hoped we, Willow Arts, could walk with you on your journey and create experiences that would lead you to where God desires. We hope to see you at ARISE, where we have gathered faculty from churches and ministries from around the country. We are also working on other events and resources that are intended to help you in your pursuit to draw others to Christ. So, keep letting us know what’s on your mind?

Well, here are some of the hopes that were expressed for our arts teams in 2008. How might you encourage and direct your fellow traveler?

· Worship Arts volunteers are "out on the edge" people already. Most of them pack a bit more into their day than perhaps they should. Because of their lust for life, my team tends to be over-committed and "too busy to hang out." Over the years this has created a "how's it going?" culture in the church I serve. Our church is gaining ground quite steadily numerically speaking, but not always in depth of community.I'd like to hear more from various notable sources, whether it is through articles or teaching, about making time and emotional space to "know and be known." I feel like, in my church at least, I'm "flogging that pony" alone.

· I’d hate to speak for our entire team, but for myself (a part of the team) I’d like to see myself grow outwardly.
It’s temptingly easy to grow inward: our church is growing, my responsibilities are building and there’s just so much to do for an Hour on Sunday!
But there are so many on the outside who will never come to a service if I don’t step into their outside and meet them there.

· I want our team in 2008 to grow deeper in love with Jesus, and from that, more courageous in creating art of all kinds to un-numb hearts and un-lock minds in worship especially those who would never darken the door of a church.

· I want our team to increase their technical know-how.

· Our struggle at the present is moving our arts (mostly our hearts) to the place of "missional" instead of "what the loudest voices, (biggest givers) like". (What will unchurched people relate to the Gospel through?)
Moving our thinking to the culture and still maintaining authentic, excellent worship.
We began (15 years ago) as a contemporary, celebrative, intensely worshipping church. Our church has grown and now we are one of the large Methodist church in our state and yet we have people who want the same feel and style of 8-10 years ago.

· The two areas I would like my team to grow in this year are videos and theater.

· If there was one area our team could grow in this year it would be to learn first to REALLY trust God, and out of that to trust and release each other to be who God made us to be in his plan to make himself known.

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Tom said...

Disclaimer: I didn't respond to the question from EQ[U]IP, but...

I've been a full-time Pastor of Worship for nearly 15 years. Transitioned worship services, started new worship services,etc. And I've identified with all the responses somewhere along the way.

I'm not sure where to fall though...comforted that others experience the same stuff or frustrated because it never seems to change.

In reality, I truly believe it all just comes with the territory. These are global issues in the trenches. Keep fighting the good fight.