The Race Marked Out for Us

I’ve been reading lately in the book of Hebrews, and was struck by a phrase in chapter 12 that says, “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…” How amazing that God has actually defined a race for us, and it is our race to run, and not the runner next to us! Why do we find it so necessary to be concerned about another person’s pace, instead of focusing on the lane marked out for us and the unique calling God has made on our lives?

When I run indoors (during the terrible Chicago winters) at the local YMCA, there are three lanes with the walkers and slower folks using the inside lane and the rabbits on the far outside lane. I’m usually in the middle. But I laugh at how sometimes I turn it into some kind of competition, taking pride when I pass any runners or walkers – even those who are elderly or, to my shame, learning disabled! Then I get passed by a person with about 1% body fat who is clearly training for some kind of marathon or high school track race. And I am humbled. I think the best plan would be to simply focus on my lane, on running the best I can, and celebrating those speedsters and the slower folks for doing the best they can.

Run your race well, and I will attempt to run mine well. Let’s not waste energy comparing ourselves to others in ministry, to other churches, to other leaders. I keep holding on to the truth that one day I will only be asked to answer for how I persevered in the only race I was asked to run. That is quite enough challenge for me. How about you?

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ka said...

I agree. Every person has to focus on their own race. Each one of us is made to be different and to follow the path set before us. That is however easier said than done. It makes me appreciate the blinders put on race horses.