Where My Mind Wanders

Two week ago Sunday, March 2, we received an unexpected early morning phone call. My husband’s mother had passed away.

Mom was 88 years old. Her health had been declining for the past few years. Her body needed to rest. Though we will miss greatly, we are glad she has found that rest.

As you might imagine, that week was very full. There were plans to be made and details to be attended to. There were not many moments where mind had an opportunity to wander but at one point it did.

I thought about how grateful I am to the local church. I have family and friends all over the country and I am so glad for God’s gift of the church.

I am grateful that there are churches where my friends and family can explore who God is and the plan He has for their life. I am thankful that each week there is a place that offers hope and speaks words of truth and grace. I am grateful that once they have decided to follow God, there is a place where they can learn, grow and find community. I am so glad that when they go through valleys that they will find others who will bring comfort, hope and direction. I am so grateful that there are places for them to learn that God desires to spend eternity with them and that He has made a way.

Praise God for the local church!

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