ARISE – Calling all Dancers

When it comes to ARISE there are many people and experiences I am looking forward to. To name one or actually to name two … Alan Luu and Lisa Jaskilka. These gifted dancers and choreographers from Mosaic Church in Los Angeles have agreed to come and lead four of our dance breakouts.

Alan and Lisa were two of the talented dance team members that were part of SCRIBBLE , one of the highlights of last year’s conference.

In addition to talking about developing a dance ministry, Alan & Lisa will be leading 3 other breakouts helping dancers and choreographers stretch and grow their skills.

I am also looking forward to the dancers who attend ARISE meeting and learning from Bril Barrett. Bril is a gifted choreographer and dancer. Bril’s credits include The Chicago Human Rhythm Project, and The National Tour of Riverdance. Bril was also one of Willow Creek Community Church’s choreographer for Imagine Christmas.

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