I have been blessed, now I want to be a blessing
I have been loved, now I want to bring love
I’ve been invited, I want to share the invitation
I have been changed, to bring change

What I like about the song Changed is it expresses who we are and how we want to live. It engages both our hearts and minds, reminding us of God’s gift of grace and redemption.

I am grateful to worship leader, composer and all around good guy, Aaron Niequist for sharing this worship song with us. His new CD Broken Fists was recently released and worth checking out. It is filled with thoughts, emotions and declarations we long to express to our Creator, our Savior and Lord. I hope you enjoy this new song.

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Aaron Niequist
Aaron is a worship leader and songwriter. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife Shauna and their impossibly chubby 17 month old son Henry. After leading worship in the student ministries of Willow Creek for five years, and at Mars Hill Bible Church for four and half years, he is now leading worship at churches around the country and looking for his next adventure.

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