A Psalm for Artists and Teachers in the Church

A friend and teammate sent me some verses this morning from Psalm 40. He was highlighting verses 2 and 3, but the more I read the entire Psalm, the more I realized how penetrating all its words are for artists and teachers. Of course, David was an incredible artist. We have so very much to learn from that highly emotional, passionate man who lived long ago and wrote songs documenting his highs and lows, his experience with God, his many sinful episodes, and his discovery of forgiveness. I have decided to focus on Psalm 40 in the first main session of our Arise Arts Conference at Willow in June. So here’s my challenge. First, read the Psalm…several times. Dig into it and discover along with me how rich it is for us as artists and teachers.

Second, sign up for the conference if you haven’t already, and bring your pastor along if at all possible. Let’s rally together as those who proclaim God’s truth in the great assembly. Let’s open ourselves up to further learning, to being inspired together by moments and outstanding speakers who will lift us to another level as Christ followers and as agents of communication. We need to be together, to be reminded that we are not crazy for what we do, to be ennobled as we see once again how vital the arts and teaching are for Sunday morning catalytic experiences. I sincerely hope to see you here in June, because you inspire me whenever I am among you. Have a terrific weekend…and don’t forget to read Psalm 40.

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