The Last Lecture

Did anyone catch The Last Lecture: A Love Story for Your Life? ABC and Diane Sawyer told the story of Randy Pausch. Randy is a husband, father of 3 beautiful children, and an inspiration to many people around the world. In September of 2006, Randy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His condition is terminal. In September, Randy delivered his last lecture at Carnegie Mellon University, where he was a professor in the computer-science department. The lecture made it to the intranet and to date has been viewed by over 6 million people.

One of the most moving portions of the program last night was hearing how his story has changed the way people live their lives. He inspired them to change their thinking and to live differently.

Artists and teachers have the same opportunity each weekend, tell the story of a life transformed by Jesus Christ. A few weeks back the creative team at my church weaved 3 people’s story about how God has used His Word to speak to them and change their lives, with music and the spoken word. It was beautiful and inspiring. It helped me remember how faithful God’s Word has been to me and my family.

I was wondering how you have been telling stories at your church. What creative elements have been supporting your stories?

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Her said...

2 wks ago, I had the opp. to teach on the wknd. I did the teaching in 2 simple parts, & the 2nd part was simply my story. To help the audience & I relive it together, I had a hospital cot on stage. From it, we walked thru my valley of being strapped down & locked up. It was difficult to relive & retell, but God was my strength and HIS victory thru me was the audience's hope. Thank you for your blog, I love it!