Wanted: Filmmakers and Video Teams

One of the experiences I’m most looking forward to at Arise, Arts Conference ‘08, is the Film Festival! This year, it’s open to anyone who created a video or film for their church! So, send us the best original works that you have created this year!

This was last year's winner from Granger Community Church.

Entries will be judged in the following categories:

• Promo (<90 seconds)
• My Story/Testimony (<5 minutes); cause, individual or ministry, life change
• Humor (<4 minutes)
• Drama (<10 minutes)
• Music Video (<5 minutes)
• Topical (<7 minutes); man on the street, focused on subject area
• Animation (<3 minutes)

The best overall video/film will win 4 Arts Conference ’09 Registrations. Submissions must be sent by May 12th. Check the website for all the details. Looking forward to seeing your creativity, and I know all who attend the Film Festival will be inspired by your imagination and ingenuity.

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Ray Deck III said...

This is an incredible video! I may write about it on www.MinistryLIVE.com