Arise Arts Conference Begins Tomorrow

I am staring out my office window at the sparkling lake on our church campus, so very excited about the thousands of church artists and teachers who will make their way here in the morning for the Arise conference. Even if you haven’t registered by now, you can just show up and register in the morning to join us! We’d love to have you here.

For those who cannot come this year, we would deeply appreciate your prayers. Nothing of substance will happen between now and Friday afternoon without the supernatural outpouring of God’s Spirit on every moment, in every session and workshop and conversation. Please pray that we will sense a mighty wind of the power of our Creator, moving among us and surprising us with His grace.

I’ll be giving some updates at the end of each day, hoping to give you a glimpse of what God does in this place. For the sake of His kingdom…

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Anonymous said...

I am a regular attender (is that a word?) of the Willow Arts Conferences. I cannot be there this year, as I have a daughter graduating from high school on Thursday. This is the second time this has happened with the conference dates. For subsequent years, can you please, please make it later in the month? Even one week would help. Please consider us midwesterners who have this school conflict!