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Creating a Healthy Relationship between the Lead Pastor and Lead Artist
By Eric Bramlett and Dave Ferguson

Radio. Newspapers. Email. Television. Blogs. Magazines. Books. Podcasts. Weekend service messages. From the moment we wake up, to going to bed, we are inundated with information. Our congregation is overwhelmed with messages throughout the week. So what do we do to make the mission and message of Jesus stand out? How do we help our people not just hear the message but apply it to their lives? Listen in as Dave Ferguson, Lead pastor of Community Christian Church and Eric Bramlett, Creative Arts Director, talk about their process, their relationship and how this produces the ONE BIG IDEA that will be communicated in their weekend service and throughout their church ministries. Learn how a strong, trust-filled relationship between the lead pastor and lead artist can lead to great services and an environment where risk taking is encouraged and celebrated.

How is the relationship between the lead pastor and the lead artist in your church?

How is your church doing with communicating ONE BIG IDEA at the weekend service?

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Eric Bramlett is the Creative Arts Director for Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL, and has been since 1996. Eric's background is in the professional theatre, with degrees in acting and directing. CCC represents Eric's first ministry experience, and he hopes to be at CCC for a long, long time. He is responsible for overseeing all large-group experiences from intensive artistic vision through production, and anything else he can think of overseeing. Eric co-authored “The Big Idea: Focus the Message, Multiply the Impact” for Zondervan and Leadership Network with Dave and Jon Ferguson. Eric has continued to be involved in the Chicago Theatre scene, most notably as an Artistic Associate for Porchlight Music Theatre Chicago, a theatre company he has been involved with since its inception in 1995. Eric loves his wife Kristi and their three kids, Sadie, Dillon and Anna.

Dave Ferguson and four friends from college launched Community Christian Church, a church passionate about "helping people find their way back to God" which has grown to more than 500 leaders and more than 4,400 people in attendance at eight sites every weekend. With Jon Ferguson and Eric Bramlett, he co-authored The Big Idea. Dave serves as a resource for churches and leaders seeking to expand through multiple church sites and provides visionary leadership for the NewThing Network, a catalyst for a movement of reproducing churches.


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